Making Mature Disciples

Characteristics of a Mature Disciple.

1) Worship: we worship God both corporately and privately.
2) Word: we live by God’s Word, understanding that it is the authority for all of life.
3) Work: we contribute to God’s work by using our gifts to serve the Body, to give financially, and to relate experientially.
4) Witness: we impact the community by reaching out to our unchurched, lost friends and becoming personally involved in local and world missions.

The church’s role in the disciple-maturing process.

Things we need to encourage our congregation to do and be involved in:-
    - attend church regularly,
    - involved in a church activity (e.g: cell group, community dinner, etc),
    - discover, develop & deploy their spiritual gift/s, &
    - build authentic / Christ-like relationships with non-Christians.

Measuring the church’s spiritual progress

Areas we should look to regularly measure:-
    - conversions that lead to baptism,
    - numbers attending church & other church activities,
    - percent of people involved in ministry &
    - percent of people who ‘give’ regularly.